Installation Guide

Step 1 - Each panel should be checked and made free of dirt, sand, or loose particles.

Step 2 - If the back of the product is dry, dampen it first with a wet sponge, but do not saturate. This prevents the stone from pulling the moisture from the adhesive, allowing it to cure naturally and with a stronger bond.

Step 3 - It is also important that they rest on a secure base such as a concrete floor or footing to help carry the weight and ensure the level stays consistent until the thinset sets up.

Step 4 - Prepare Adhesive: Mix kerabond plus isolastic pure in a bucket

Step 5 - Apply adhesive to the back of each tile/panel and to the wall with 10mm notchedtrowel.

Step 6 - By applying the adhesive to the back of each tile and to the wall, this ensuresthemaximum possible adhesion to your wall surface, as all the gaps, voids - and cracks arefilled.

Step 7 - Press each rock panel into the adhesive, rotating slightly, forcing some of the thinset to squeeze out freely.

Step 8 - Remember tight joints will provide a neat appearance.

Step 9 - Start at corner apply 3 or 4 rows.

Step 10 - Ensure straight level surface continue till then the completion.