Sample Policy

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Sample Policy - We are associated with dealers, architects and building companies in many cities. Every day we get connected with various new buyers . Our samples are paid and available in 2 sizes 6 x 6 x 6 Inch and full size as per the original Product. The sample will be couriered By a reputed Courier company. The Standard courier cost for International courier is US$ 50 can be paid By Pay pal ( Info@axiomtradelinks.com) and for national it is INR 1000 per piece by Phone pay or Pay tm on 9414072480


Since these are natural stones so it is obvious that each piece will vary in colour except some stones like black granite, beige sandstone, etc. Please note that samples are small piece of stones so all variations of colour cannot be seen in one piece of sample. So there will always be some variation of colour, depending on the stone, in the final order that you will receive.